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 CP V1.1 Izayoi - Changements

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Empereur Librarius
Empereur Librarius

MessageSujet: CP V1.1 Izayoi - Changements   Jeu 13 Mar - 1:02

Backstep - Total Duration 20F → 22F. Invincible 1F ~ 5F → 1F ~ 7F
GA Backstep - Total duration 18F → 22F of the shortest possible backdash. Invincible 1F ~ 5F → 1F ~ 7F. Travel distance increase
Air Dashes in GA - 2x airdashes, adjustable by moving up or down during the dash.
Air back step of gain Art - same as ground dash but no invin.
Stagger hitbox - some kind of correction.
5B - hitbox increased to catch rolls, apparently? tip is probably all red now.
GA 5C - Knock back decrease
- 6A - Guard point on 4th frame (THIS IS FUCKING GODLIKE)
- 6B - Foot invin on 4th frame (THIS IS FUCKING GODLIKE) Some kind of change to the feint input with holding the button?
- 3C - Higher float, lower p2 (89 to 79).
- GA 3C - Cancelable on hit.
- GA jC - Active frames up from 3 to 5.
- CT - ??? Something about barrier at max, maybe unblockable removed.
- D Sonic Saber - Takes two zero weave stocks, additional damage (im assuming the spawned swords) down from 200 to 150.
- Ground D Sonic Saber - Fast, but less frame adv. Total duration from 43f to 51f, but startup down from 26f to 20f (this is fucking big). Static difference on block point blank is down from +28 to +19. Cancelable into mirage thruster.
- Air D Sonic Saber - Startup 23F → 22F. Total duration 42F → 41F.
- Crusade Seraphim Beta P2 89% → 79%.
- D Mirage thruster - Takes 1 Zero weave stock

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CP V1.1 Izayoi - Changements
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