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 CP V1.1 Bullet - Changements

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Empereur Librarius
Empereur Librarius

MessageSujet: CP V1.1 Bullet - Changements   Mar 11 Mar - 10:03

- Backdash: total duration changed from 26 to 22f. invincibility duration changed from 1-9 to 1-7f. airborne duration changed from 1-16 to 1-12f. distance travelled decreased.
- Negative penalty resistance: changed from level 3 to level 5.
- Heat level 2: color of the aura changed slightly.
- Blowback animation:
- 5a: attack box hits higher
- 5b: damage changed from 700 to 550
- 5c: chargeable. uncharged version has 13f startup, is a level 3 attack, deals 750 damage, is -1 on block and cannot fatal counter. charged version has 19f startup, is a level 4 attack, deals 800 damage, is +1 on block and can fatal counter.
- 2a: attack box hits higher up
- 2c: damage modified from 400x2 to 400 / 700
- 3c: damage changed from 700 to 850. upper portion of the attack box strengthened. now has only anti-body attribute invincibility through startup.
- 6b: damage changed from 700 to 650
- j.B: can now change into j.A
- Crush trigger: staggers on ground hit, wall bounces on air hit
- Miquelet capture: damage changed from 1000 to 1500. projectile invulnerable to the end of active frames
- Flechette engage level 2: blowback modified, easier to follow up
- Rage aggressor: doesn't kill until the last hit
- Blackout: use condition changed to "heat level 2"

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CP V1.1 Bullet - Changements
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