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 CP V1.1 Hakumen - Changements

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Empereur Librarius
Empereur Librarius

MessageSujet: CP V1.1 Hakumen - Changements   Mer 5 Mar - 21:54

- Negative penalty: from level 6 to level 5
- Air throw: first hit's damage increased from 0 to 200. untech time decreased from 70 to 20f. combo rate timer changed to fast. cannot cancel in overdrive, but can rapid cancel. second hit ground bounces. second hit damage changed from 1400 to 1200. untech time increased from 70f to 60f. emergency techable.
- Kotodama gauge: charge rate decreased while in the air (2 per frame normally, 14 per frame while in OD.
- 6d: moves forward more. followup whiff recovery decreased from 6 to 4f. p2 proration increased from 80% to 70%. followup leaves you closer, easier to combo.
- j.D: on successful counter, can followup with Agito
- Agito: hitstop changed from hakumen/opponent 0/7 to 7f/12f. static difference changed from 0 to -2.
- OD yukikaze: only the last hit will kill

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CP V1.1 Hakumen - Changements
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