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 CP V1.1 Tager - Changements

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Empereur Librarius
Empereur Librarius

MessageSujet: CP V1.1 Tager - Changements   Dim 2 Mar - 13:28

Duration of backstep animation increased, making it easier to hit out of.
5A and 2A combo rate time changed to "Moment" type (less punishing for people to get A'd when watching out for throws).
2D made safer.

- Changelist -
Backstep: Full animation 23F->28F. Invuln 1~19->1~20. Airborn 1~23->1~28. Movement distance slightly decreased.
5A, 2A: Combo rate time changed to "Moment" type.
3C: Startup 14F->13F
2D: Recovery 24->18F. Hitstun 34F->28F. Blockstun 32F->26F
j2C: Made aerial CH bounce heights always be about the same.
Gadget Finger: Heat gauge multiplier 1300%->700%. (Actual gain 936->504)

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CP V1.1 Tager - Changements
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