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 CP V1.1 Noel - Changements

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Empereur Librarius
Empereur Librarius

MessageSujet: CP V1.1 Noel - Changements   Jeu 27 Fév - 10:50

A major change for Noel is the ability to use Crush Trigger during Chain Revolver, making her mix-ups and combos from Chain Revolver quite scary. Noel’s Stand C has a projectile hitbox, causing it to nullify projectiles. While Muzzle Flitter’s normal damage has been increased, its damage within combos has been reduced. Landing all hits of Fenrir is easier, but connecting the Overdrive version of the move twice is no longer possible.

- Backdash's duration increased from 18 to 22 frames. The invuls now last longer by 2 frames (from 1 to 7).
- 5C no longer has projectile guard point on the arm.
- Counter Assault has its hitbox improved.
- Crush Trigger can be performed during Chain Revolver. Now ground-bounces on hit. Follow-up time decreased from 21 to 12 frames.
- Drive 6C doesn't fly too far, hitting with all hits more reliable
- Silencer C has its hitstop increased from 0 to 6 frames.- Default Muzzle Flitter damage is increased from 1500 to 1600 (P1 proration increased from 70% to 80%, minimal damage decreased from 1500 to 1000).
- Fenrir's first hit sets the opponent on the ground, hitting with all hits more reliably.
- OD fenrir can't be used twice

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CP V1.1 Noel - Changements
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