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 Skullgirls Encore!

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Empereur Librarius
Empereur Librarius

MessageSujet: Skullgirls Encore!   Ven 7 Fév - 22:23

Suite à des problèmes avec Konami, leur éditeur, Skullgirls n'étaient plus disponibles sur le psn.
Mais le 11 Février, le jeu sera de retour sur le psn US avec sa version "Encore".
Beaucoup de choses ont changées, le jeu continuant son bonhomme de chemin sur Steam et avec l'aide des joueurs car les développeurs communiquent énormément avec eux.
Pour ceux ayant déjà acheté le jeu, il suffira de le rechercher le 11 Février sur le psn US et de le retélécharger.
Squigly, le 1er perso DLC sera gratuit pendant 3 mois.

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Skullgirls Encore Launch Trailer

Skullgirls Encore Squigly Trailer

Détails de la mise à jour par rapport à la version vanilla:

General Changes      
Squigly added to roster as the first DLC character.        
Purchase her from the store FREE for first three (3) months!        
Squigly Story added to Story Mode.        
Squigly Tutorial added to Tutorial Mode.    
Added the Marie 300% challenge under Extras.    
Three (3) new stages: River King Casino, New Meridian Rooftops, Rooftops Assault.    
Stage Select Preview added.    
Button macros added to stage select.        
Stages selectable with button combinations, similar to picking palettes.    
Added Typing of the Skullgirls mode.        
Alternate game mode enabled by typing “gottatypefast!” using any keyboard during the start up logos. Applies to Arcade, Story, Local Versus, and Marie 300%. Does not apply online, in Tournament Mode, or in any Training mode.        
When enabled, a team is under control of a player and a partner using a keyboard. All Blockbusters give a typing prompt for the partner. Additional game rules change to emphasize typing:            
Both teams automatically generate meter.            
All attacks deal 33% base damage.            
A failed typing prompt deals 10% base damage for the Blockbuster, a complete prompt does 100%, and a perfect typing prompt does 150%.            
In single player modes, the player controlled team can complete the computer’s typing prompts to reduce damage.     Added “Play Again” for tutorial lessons.    
Added super flash art and colors.    
Added Contributor Credits in Extras menu.    
Added palettized HUD portraits for all characters.    
Added red numbering for the HUD’s timer, activating with less than 10 seconds in the round.    
The “Encore Performance” screen has improved animation.    
Movelist up to date for the entire cast.    
Added online Training Mode.    
Added palettized hit effects (fire, electricity, etc).    
Added a confirmation window after picking your final character for any online mode.    
New Training Mode options:        
Slo-Mo: Runs the game at 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% of normal speed.        
Recording Number: Gives three (3) slots for recording, can playback sequential or random.        
Stagger Recovery: When enabled, the practice dummy will shake out of any stagger as fast as possible.        
Force Counter Hit: When enabled, every hit or throw counts as a counter hit. This option allows practice for counter hit only combos.    
Skip Super Flashes (AKA Darkstalkers mode): When enabled, the game skips all frames that normally occur during a super flash.        
This also skips mini-super flashes (Squigly’s Seria Center Stage) and certain other forced freezes (Peacock’s level 3 Shadow of Impending Doom Road Roller item).  Gameplay Changes      
Game speed increased by 2% (frame skip changed from 7 to 6).    
Green health bars added to indicate perfect/100% life.        
The end of the match now displays “Perfect”.        
The match no longer counts as a perfect when an assist takes damage and heals to full.    
1v1 matches are now decided by first to 2 downs, not 2 out of 3 separate rounds. After draining the opponent’s life bar, the victorious character keeps whatever life they had left and can move or jump around while waiting for the opponent to get up with full health.        
The first down’s health bar changed to the perfect/green colors from the original red.    
Drama added (AKA Stun/Undizzy):        
Drama starts building for the defending character at IPS Stage 3 and higher, as shown by the Drama gauge beneath the health bars on the HUD. Additional attacks in the combo will build Drama according to the type of attack:            
Light normals: 15 Drama            
Medium normals: 20 Drama            
Heavy normals: 30 Drama            
Any special: 20 Drama        
Supers and normal throws do not build Drama.        
Ensemble attacks build as much Drama as the attack from a point character.        
The limit for Drama is 240.. Reaching or passing the limit at the beginning of a chain will trigger green hit effects and an Infinity Breaker for the defending character.        
Drama can only trigger at IPS stage 5 of a combo, even if the defending character has 240 Drama before stage 5.        
Drama will build over the 240 limit.        
Drama decays over time for the defending character when not in hit or block stun, for a max of 60f (1 second) for 350+ Drama.        
Drama immediately returns to zero after a knockdown recovery unless the opponent was not hit OTG and had a chance to tech.        
Counter hits subtract Drama, which can put the gauge below zero and allow for some impressive counter hit only combos. Drama gets subtracted according to the type of attack:            
Light normals: -25 Drama            
Medium normals: -50 Drama            
Heavy normals: -100 Drama            
Normal throws: -50 Drama            
Specials: -50 Drama            
Any Ensemble: -25 Drama            
Blockbusters: 0    

Changes to the Infinite Prevention System:        
IPS is now completely based on chains, rather than the opponent being in the air or on the ground:            
Stage 1 is the first jump-in chain; cancelling to an air dash or Flight will start Stage 2.            
Stage 2 is the next chain, or the first ground chain if the combo did not start with a jump-in.            
Stage 3 is the next chain.            
Stage 4 follows Stage 3 in the air, giving a free chain in the first air combo. Without an air dash or Flight cancel this gets skipped.            
Stage 5 works as before.        
IPS “watched” moves carry over to the next teammate after a hard tag, but not after a Blockbuster Sequel.         Throws start a combo at Stage 2 instead of Stage 5     Added Recovery Spark.        
Appears when recovering after a combo of 3 hits or more.    
Added a Counter Hit Flash.        
Appears when hitting an opponent out of an attack.    
Added off-screen P1/P2 markers and A1/A2 markers in match.        
It’s now harder to forget which Hornet Bomber is yours!    
Throw Tech window increased from 10f to 13f.        
This is to compensate for increased gameplay speed; at current frame skip this is equivalent to 11f in real time since 2 of those 13 frames will be skipped.    
Increased leniency on all dashes/air dashes/super jumps to 17f (was 12f).    
Infinity Breakers after a cross-up now move the opponent in the proper direction.    
Falling from a baited Infinity Breaker is now a counter hit state; if you can’t move or attack you can’t tech throws from it either.    
Infinity Breaker window after a Stunt Double increased from 10f to 30f.    
Using a Stunt Double off of an Infinity Breaker will no longer leave the bursting character vulnerable.    
Slightly decreased the attacker’s meter gain in combos:        
Was: base metergain * (0.2 + 0.8*damage scaling)        
Is: base metergain * damage scaling    
Meter gain for the defending team lowered to 25% meter gain of the attacker at the start of a combo, but it will still go up over the course of the combo and eventually beat meter gain for the attacking team.    
Minimum damage scaling on level 3 Blockbusters is now 45%.    
Minimum damage scaling on level 5 Blockbusters is now 55%.    
Outtake input changed to ↓↘+MP+MK or HP+HK instead of ↓↘→+MP+MK or HP+HK    
Outtakes lock Ensembles and tagging for 300f.    
If an Ensemble is hit, after leaving the screen Ensembles and tagging are locked for 60f.    
Starting a combo off of an Ensemble starts the combo with 66% damage scaling. If the Ensemble counter hits, it scales the combo to 90%.    
Damage dealt to Ensembles increased from 120% to 135%.    
An Ensemble call coming out behind the opponent (the “sandwich”) occurs much less frequently.    
Hitting Ensembles during a Double Take combo doesn’t give meter per hit to either player; the victim’s team now builds at a steady rate over time.    
Added 8f of hit stop to the opponent after the freeze on most Blockbusters. This is specific to the Blockbuster; several have less or none.    
Blockbuster Sequels set combo damage scaling to 70% instead of 80%.    
Fixed a wrong extra frame of attack leniency before jump startup. It is no longer possible to press an attack input with 1f timing before an upwards direction to get a jumping attack.    
→←→←… inputs fixed to no longer give dash cancels very quickly.        
The entire motion without an opposite direction in the middle is now required to get a dash; →+PP, ←+PP inputs are still possible, but much harder.    
Motion priority fix: ←↙↓↘→ takes priority over →↓↘, which takes priority over ↓↘→.        
Previously, ←↙↓↘→ did not require a full half-circle, only ←↓↘→. It now requires all the directions, improving the ability to go from a block (←) to a →↓↘ with sloppy inputs.    
Standardized start up time on all throws.    
Hurt boxes during hit stun changed:        
Standing and crouching hit stun look like neutral standing and crouching.        
Jumping hit stun is basically the shape of all their previous frames hurt boxes combined into one.    
Fixed attack priority when a character is hit by both a throw and an attack on the same frame, preventing some unblockable setups.
Character Changes  
New special attack added: Ringlet Psych (↓↘→+K).        
It’s a fake Ringlet Spike with much faster recovery.    
Filia can now air dash cancel her air throw.    
s.HK received the following changes:        
Now causes wall bounce vs air opponents.        
Damage reduced from 1200 to 1000.        
Recovery increased by 7f.    
c.HK damaged increased from 1000 to 1100.    
j.HK recieved the following changes:        
Damage reduced from 1100 to 900.        
Fixed hit box to hit consistently in situations where it did not (but should have) before.    
Updo received the following changes:        
MP version now has 2 hits and HP version now has 3 hits. Damage distributed appropriately over the multiple hits. Additional hits only occur after a successful first hit and will not become active on whiff or on hit against armor. As an Ensemble, all versions have only one hit.        
LP Updo start up reduced to 8f.        
HP Updo start up increased to 13f.        
Lengthened super cancel period by 8f on all versions.        
Reduced block stun on all versions to 15f        
Reduced hit stop on all versions to 8f on block.    
Hairball (not Airball) now knocks down.    
Push blocking during Hairball or Airball is now more effective.    
Airball dash cancels now limited to one (1) per combo.    
9f of landing recovery added to (air) Gregor Samson    
Fixed (air) Gregor Samson and Fenrir Drive bugs.
All of Cerebella’s crouching hit boxes are taller.    
Reduced damage on some normals:        
s.HP to 1000        
s.MK to 600        
s.HK to 625, 725        
c.MP to 550        
c.MK to 550        
c.HP to 950        
j.LP mash hits from 250 to 100        
j.HP to 1000        
j.MK to 650        
j.HK to 950    
j.MP received the following changes:        
Damage reduced to 575.        
Hit stun vs air reduced to 29f.    
→+HP received the following changes:        
Hit box improved to reach higher above Cerebella.        
Increased damage from 1300 to 1600.    
(air) ↓+MP received the following changes:        
Lockout time added to instant (air) ↓+MP, similar to an air dash.        
Landing recovery reduced to 17f. The lowest possible version can combo into c.LP/c.LK and is +7 on block.     Cerebella’s back throw now has its proper name (Cererana) when selected as a custom Ensemble.    
Diamond Deflector received the following changes:        
Will now stagger any character it hits instead of just the first.        
Will force stagger against an airborne opponent.        
Voice effects added for a successful reflect.        
Projectile now has a larger hit box and stays active longer (speed reduced).    
Devil Horns received the following changes:        
Damage reduced from 1450 to 1200.        
Blockbuster cancel window increased.    
Excellebella received the following changes:        
Unblockable as long as the opponent’s upward velocity is higher than 1px/frame. Previously this required a velocity higher than 6px/frame.        
Causes 50% damage scaling instead of 33%.    
Tumbling Run received the following changes:        
Follow up attacks can be set as a Custom Ensemble using the following commands:            
← charge →+LP+LK for Run Stop            
← charge →+MP+MK for Kanchou            
← charge →+HP+HK for Battle Butt        
Punch buttons perform the same attacks as kick buttons during Tumbling Run (LP or LK for Run Stop, MP or MK for Kanchou, etc).         Added 2f kara period on LK version to cancel to Diamond Drop, allowing a Diamond Drop command after charging back.        
Fixed unsweepable frame during run bug.    
Kanchou received the following changes:        
Kanchou Feint added. Tapping MP or MK performs the feint; holding MP or MK executes Kanchou.        
The wall bounce can only occur one (1) time per combo.        
Invulnerable frames are now invulnerable to projectiles only. Like before, the invulnerability is during the movement only; the start up and recovery are as vulnerable as before.        
Blockbuster cancel window extended to 6f after the hit.    
Fixed Grab-Bag vs super flash disappearing bag bug.    
Diamond Dynamo received the following changes:        
The last hit ground bounces everyone the same height and distance now, allowing a →+HP on the whole cast.         Dash inputs disabled for 13f after a successful last hit.        
Fixed to properly make contact with two characters most of the time, including against crouch-blocking point character.    
Ultimate Showstopper causes 33% damage scaling after the final hit.

New taunt added: Hi Hi Hat (LK, HK, MP, MP, ↑).        
A successful Hi Hi Hat makes her next attempted level 3 Shadow of Impending Doom item a Tenrai Ha. If done while charging a Shadow of Impending Doom, that item will be upgraded to the Tenrai Ha. If the upgraded Shadow of Impending Doom is not completed or is not charged to level 3, the taunt effect is used up.        
To select as an Ensemble, input ↑+LK+MP+HK as a custom Ensemble.    
Improved range on s.MK.    
j.LK hit stun increased from to 19f from 17f.    
Air throw recovery changed to allow OTG combos midstage.    
Bang! (LP version) is now throw invulnerable and causes stagger on hit.    
BANG! (MP version) is now hit invulnerable.    
Shadow of Impending Doom received the following changes:        
HP version tracks furthest half of the field relative to Peacock.        
MP version tracks nearest half of field relative to Peacock.        
LP version unchanged, stays in place in front of Peacock.        
Charging the item no longer lowers meter gain.        
A level 3 Shadow of Impending Doom can be chosen as a custom Ensemble using the following commands:             ↓↙←+LP+MP for LP version            
↓↙←+MP+HP for MP version            
↓↙←+HP+MP for HP version        
The rare level 3 Road Roller item does 500 chip damage like all other level 3 items.    
George special attacks received the following changes:        
Only two (2) bombs can be placed on the screen at once instead of three (3).        
After the initial George toss, pushing another K button immediately cancels to the next bomb. One button cancels do not work while holding ↓, ↘, or → to avoid unwanted bombs when attempting links or other techniques on defense.        
Canceling with a full ↓↘→+K works as before.        
The HK version will aim for the defending character as it is summoned instead of traveling a set horizontal distance.    
Argus Agony gives the opponent less meter on hit.    
Lonesome Lenny received the following changes:        
Lenny’s life scales with Peacock’s damage ratio, so the same combo will detonate him at the same point regardless of team size.        
Lenny will not explode while Peacock is throwing the opponent.        
The explosion from Goodfellows will always detonate Lenny.    
Goodfellows total damage now 6200.

Changed jumping and landing animations to match the rest of the cast. Jumping is now the standard 4f instead of 3f and landing is now the standard 2f instead of 0f.    
Increased damage on some normals:        
s.LP to 300, 200        
s.MP to 525        
s.HP to 700, 750        
s.LK to 300, 250        
s.HK to 1100        
c.MP to 350, 350        
c.MK to 575        
c.HK to 1050        
j.LP to 250        
j.HP to 900        
j.LK to 250        
j.HK to 300 x5        
→+LP to 375        
→+MP to 500        
→+HP to 1200        
←+HK to 1050        
(air) ↓+MK to 450    
s.MK hit box on the second hit adjusted to connect on Painwheel.    
j.MK received the following changes:        
Damage increased to 550.        
Chains “backwards” (j.MK > j.LP, j.MK > (air) ←+LK, etc).        
Parasoul now floats when holding MK and is much more controllable during the float.        
Now Ignites Tears, allowing Parasoul to bomb-jump off a detonated tears when combined with the float.    
←+HK received the following changes:        
Start up decreased to 22f.        
Damage increased to 1050.        
Now causes ground bounce vs air and ground.    
(air) ←+LK received the following changes:        
Total damage increased to 450.        
Hit stun increased to 23f.    
The tears from Napalm Shot and Napalm Toss received the following changes:        
Tears have two strengths of explosion: when left alone, 400 dmg and 33f total hit stun; if detonated by a fire attack or Napalm Trigger, 600 dmg and 47f total hit stun.        
Tossed and shot tears do not “count” as a tear while in flight; 3 placed tears will stay on screen while another is in flight.    
Napalm Shot received the following changes:        
HP version travels with a very slight downward path; it will now hit full screen against a crouching Valentine.         Advantage on hit increased for all versions.        
Napalm Shot placed tears detonate faster than Napalm Toss tears.    
Egret Dive received the following changes:        
Start up decreased by 5f.        
The Egret’s hit box reaches slightly higher and all the way to the floor.        
The Egret’s start position adjusted to be slightly further away from Parasoul.        
Each projectile adds 3f more hit stop to the Egret.        
The Egret stops absorbing hits after landing.    
Egret Charge received the following changes:        
Will not grab if Parasoul is hit out of the calling animation. Hitting Parasoul after it completes will not stop the bike.     Summons the bike 4f earlier (2f instead of 6f) to make Blockbuster cancels and back throw cancelled to Egret Charge easier.        
Parasoul’s recovery increased by 7f.        
As an assist, Parasoul appears further behind the point character.    
Napalm Trigger now detonates all tears on screen simultaneously and does not hit.    
Napalm Quake doesn’t detonate tears (unless it touches them), hits low, and doesn’t knockdown.    
(air) Napalm Toss received the following changes:        
No longer allows additional button presses to toss up to 3 tears (like the ground version). Parasoul can now cancel with a normal attack as soon as the tear appears, allowing normal xx Napalm Toss xx normal combos.        
Parasoul will not land until after the tear is created, even if she reaches the floor before then.  

Ms. Fortune      
New normal attack added: Wheel of Fortune (s.HK with Head On).        
Great for piling on damage during Head On ground chains.        
The old s.HK can only be performed when Headless.    
Increased damage on Head On normals:        
s.HP to 1100.        
c.HP to 1000.        
j.HP to 975.    
Head on c.HP changed to give the same launch trajectory (and combos) as Headless s.HK.    
Various Head On moves will no longer force Ms. Fortune to drop her head if she’s counter hit.    
While Headless, Ms. Fortune has a longer IAD lockout and higher minimum airdash. She can no longer combo IAD j.LK > j.MK and have the j.MK hit twice.    
The first hit of c.HK now breaks armor.    
Air throw now tosses the opponent downward more slowly and the recovery can be cancelled with an air dash, similar to Filia. This makes combos off of air throw easier, with a mid height air throw able to cancel to air dash and combo to j.HP.    
Attack damage from hitting your own head reduced to 300 from 500.    
Ms. Fortune’s Headbutt and Zoom! add 30 Drama, the same as any other heavy normal.    
The head can no longer be controlled during a Double Take combo.    
Zoom! can now catch Cerebella out of a knockdown.    
The Cat Scratch series of special moves received the following changes:        
Follow up attack commands simplified: P gives the next Cat Scratch, K gives El Gato, and ↓+K gives Cat Slide.         When Headless, Cat Scratch is a standalone move; Ms. Fortune will only perform the final hit.        
When Headless, Ms. Fortune perform Cat Slide and El Gato follow ups are independent special moves with ↓↘→+K and ↓↙←+K commands.        
Cat Slide now breaks armor.        
Cat Scratch > El Gato now gives 1f of advantage on block from 5f.    
Fiber Upper received the following changes:        
The MK and HK versions have a much smaller hitbox on the first hit. The K followup jump can only be used if this first hit connects. The jump is still possible if the attack completely whiffs.        
Opponent movement after the MK and HK versions changed to improve the ability to combo after these versions.        
LK version is now disadvantaged -13f on block and has 7f of invulnerability, ending 6f before active frames.        
MK version is now disadvantaged -16f on block and has 12f of invulnerability, ending 2f before active frames.         HK version is now disadvantaged -20f on block and has 17f of invulnerability, covering all start up frames the active frames for the first hit.        
The follow up jump now has a 5f buffer window to input an air attack on the first frame of the jump.    
El Gato will now auto-correct if performed during a normal jump and can be performed when jumping backward.     OMNOMNOM now chooses which direction to go at the end of start up instead of at the beginning.    
A Headless ↓↘→+HP+HK command Outtake will now hit Ms. Fortune’s head properly.    
The Headless version of Cat Scratch Fever has decreased minimum damage to more closely match the Head On version.    
The Fifth of Dismember’s explosion changed to avoid the rare situation where it hits as a cross up if the first hit missed and the opponent stands directly on top of the head.    
Infinity Breaker’s hit box changed to the same height as everyone else.  

New Blockbuster added: Buer Overdrive (↓↙←+PP).        
Replaces Hatred Install as Painwheel’s level 3 Blockbuster.        
Has one (1) hit of Hatred Guard after the super flash and returns 120% of stored damage (190% during Hatred Install) on the final hit using the new Hatred Guard rules.    
Hatred Guard received the following changes:        
Painwheel now accumulates damage absorbed by armored attacks, up to a maximum of 33% of the opponent’s life bar (this means greater capacity against smaller teams).        
On hit, L/M/H attacks with Hatred Guard return 33/50/66% of the accumulated damage. Increases to 50/66/75% during Hatred Install.        
Attacks used absorbed damage on hit only, never on block or whiff.        
Hatred Guard on all normal attacks can be held up to first active frame of the attack.    
Fixed meter gain on some normals:        
Decreased meter gain on s.MK and →+HK.        
Increased meter gain on s.MP, s.HK, c.MP, j.MP, j.HP, and j.HK.    
s.MP maximum charge decreased from 20f to 12f, bringing the total frames in line with c.MP.    
s.MK received the following changes:        
Added the “missing” first hit. Now has 14f startup (1f faster than s.MP), hitting at full extension immediately.         Damage and push back redistributed to account for the extra hit.    
c.HK now breaks armor when fully charged.    
Gae Bolga Stinger received the following changes:        
LP version no longer overlaps with the one stagger per combo restriction; It will still cause it’s unique stun only once per combo.        
MP and HP versions now have the Flight Cancel property.    
Buer Reaper received the following changes:        
Range on ground LK and MK versions slightly increased.        
Air LK and MK versions have an expanded hit box towards Painwheel, making them connect more reliably.        
Hit stop shortened on all versions.    
Small cooldown added to Flight to prevent accidental “unfly” when attempting Flight xx K.    
Pinion Dash removed as a special move. It can still be set as assist with ↓,↓+K!    
Death Crawl received the following changes:        
Faster on start up, which combines with 8f of super freeze hit stop to make the move unblockable after the flash at point blank.        
Increased recovery to allow easier punishment as well as prevent double Death Crawl combos.        
No longer hits low.        
Install version is much more damage especially at full scaling.        
After the flash, Painwheel is no longer throw vulnerable before she is fully vulnerable.        
Gives the opponent less meter on hit.    
Removed triple Buer Thresher troll combos after the round ends.    
Hatred Install received the following changes:        
Is now a level 2 Blockbuster, down from level 3.        
Input changed to ↓↘→+KK.        
1/3 meter gain during Hatred Install.        
Buer Thresher during Hatred Install no longer causes ground bounce on the final hit.        
Fixed meter gain bug involving tagging out during Hatred Install.  

Throw damage increased to 800, compensating for no longer having the fastest throw.    
The smoke effect when tagging out now appears at full resolution.    
Fixed throwable frames on jump start and jump land.    
Dead Cross block stun reduced by 2f.    
Vial Hazard received the following changes:        
Poison loads can now be stacked up to 3x with effects scaling as follows:            
Type A (purple) level 1: Deals damage equal to 5% total health; will not do any damage with less than 10% health remaining.            
Type A (purple) level 2: Deals damage equal to 10% total health; will not do any damage with less than 10% health remaining.            
Type A (purple) level 3: Deals damage equal to 15% total health; will not do any damage with less than 1% health remaining.            
Type B (green) level 1: Adds 20f to all hit stuns; duration greatly decreased.            
Type B (green) level 2: Adds 30f to all hit stuns and subtracts 50 Drama; duration slightly decreased.            
Type B (green) level 3: Adds 40f to all hit stuns and subtracts 100 Drama; duration slightly increased.            
Type C (orange) level 1: Adds 4f of input lag; 50% of orginal duration.            
Type C (orange) level 2: Adds 6f of input lag; 75% of original duration.        
Type C (orange) level 3: Adds 9f of input lag; same as original duration. 9f of lag means it is impossible to block any LP on reaction and throw tech inputs must be within 3f of the throw’s startup.        
Stacking different poisons add to the level and do not combine effects (ie: purple, purple, green loads a level 3 green).        
Start up for loading a level 1 poison is 10f faster; level 2 is 5f faster.        
VO lines are now specific to the level of poison load.        
All level 3 poisons can only be removed by hitting Valentine with a super; they do not go away if she is normally hit or normally thrown.        
Super cancel time increased for all versions.        
Hit stun fixed; the opponent will no longer mistakenly count as airborne.    
Checkmate Incision Blockbuster Sequel window increased by 5f (ground version only).    
Acquisitive Prescription and Countervenom received the following changes:        
Startup reduced to 0f; Valentine exiting her pose now indicates the end of active frames.        
Countervenom hit box increased in size; this will no longer miss the highest Double j.HP.        
A successful Countervenom is now invulnerable all the way through the end of the animation.        
Countervenom on-hit hit stop increased; now allows follow up combos from mid stage.        
Countervenom always applies level 3 poison; damage reduced to 2250 from 2750 to compensate.    
Dead on Arrival received the following changes:
Physical extent issues fixed to allows combos in many more Blockbuster Sequel situations.
Will no longer hit after the round is over. Use EKG Flatliner instead if you must troll (^.^).

New special added: Flesh Step (↓↙←+K)
This is a modified version of Double’s old forward dash.
Forward dash changed to resemble Parasoul and backward dash changed to resemble Squigly.
Like Parasoul, the second s.MK will now hit all crouching characters.
Luger Replica improved with 3f faster start up and 7f faster recovery.
Hornet Bomber now fully connects at certain ranges where it wouldn’t before.
Cilia Slide now breaks armor.
Item Crash now hits high.
Bandwagon Rushdown is now less punishable if attempting to hit OTG when the OTG has already been used for the combo.
Catellite Lives received the following changes:
Is now a level 2 Blockbuster, up from level 1.
Block stun on cat head attacks increased to 22f from 17f.
Dash and Ensemble button command will no longer maneuver the cat heads. Throw commands will still work.
Nightmare Legion received the following changes:
On hit, it tracks the point character when hitting more than one character at the same time. An Ensemble character may drop out if the characters have very different weights (like Peacock and Double), but the point character should never drop.
It will no longer connect for the full animation after the round is over and troll the opponent.
Damage adjusted to work with level 3 scaling change (roughly 5100 by itself and 3700 fully scaled).

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Boobsalicious Kanon
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Supérieur du Secteur 7

MessageSujet: Re: Skullgirls Encore!   Sam 8 Fév - 12:38

Sa c'est de la màj  Shocked 
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Empereur Librarius
Empereur Librarius

MessageSujet: Re: Skullgirls Encore!   Ven 14 Fév - 14:37

J'ai bien eu mon code donc quand la MAJ sortira sur le PSN EU, ceux qui veulent y jouer faites moi signe.

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Skullgirls Encore!
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